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Tony McNamara’s artistic philosophy is rooted deeply in storytelling and humanity. He feels that by exploring the subtext of any story, you often find hidden subtleties that aren’t visible at first blush. His early work with National Geographic and his experience shooting commercials around the world, from the U.S. to India, Eastern and Western Europe, Canada and throughout Mexico, has helped Tony to develop work that is both beautiful and human.

Tony says, “I am always most proud of the projects I’ve done that solicit a true emotion. It becomes something much more tactile then and I think it stays with the viewer a lot longer. I know selling is the primary goal of our profession, but it’s especially rewarding to hear how many people made an emotional connection to a project.

Tony works globally as a freelance Director and Cinematopgrapher, specializing in kids, toys, food and tourism. Tony brings a strong sense of humanity to his work and delivers superb imagery.

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