Video Credits = Video Power


Send Unlimited Video Testimonial Requests!



Film Unlimited Brand Videos!

*** Use your video credits on the videos you want & approve! ***

Use on an Unlimited Basis!

• Send unlimited request for Video Testimonials
• Film as many Brand Videos as you want!

Only use your video credits on the videos you want & approve.



Not only can you use your credits on the video testimonials/brand videos you want, you can cancel your account at anytime with no fee.

If you get “tired” 😉 of getting video testimonials of people talking about how great you are, or you positioned yourself as a top thought leader in your industry. You can cancel your account.


They Roll Over!

Didn’t get that perfect video testimonial or filmed a brand video that month? Don’t worry, your credits will rollover month to month. Credits are only used up for the videos you want to get.

That way you can keep sending request until you get that perfect Video Testimonial or create that perfect Brand Video.