Case Study Videos Made Easy

A new feature of Video That Rocks + Plus


Case Study Videos are a new feature included in Video that rocks+Plus.

What is a Case Study?

A case study is an extended review of your products or services for your client. Just sent your client a case studies request via email along with a series of 3 questions for them to answer about your services or product, then boom…you have an amazing case study to use in your marketing! It’s truly that easy.

So What is Video that Rocks +Plus?

We’re glad you asked, take the top-notch video features that you love from the traditional Video that Rocks product and add video email functionality, case studies functionality PLUS we made it unlimited!

Yes, it’s true! Make and use all the video you want for ONE monthly rate.

Ready to Go Unlimited? Start your Video that Rocks +Plus plan today. 


Case studies help in outlining a company’s success or effectiveness

Case study videos add authenticity to your communication


Provide clients with stories that prove your company’s credibility and results


Each Video That Rocks Account comes with your own Video Review Page!

Show the world all your Approved Video Reviews. 

Embed a link right on your website to capture more Video Reviews.

Showcase your Top 3 Favorite Video Reviews with your own personalized page!